Family and Friends of Creekside,

Since Creekside began in 2010, we have seen tremendous growth and change in our community. From the beginning, we wanted to be a church where unchurched, de-churched, and skeptical people from all walks of life would love to attend. I’m so happy to say that we have become that and much more! Since our formation, we have had over 30 baptisms and salvations, given away tens of thousands of dollars to missions and the community, sent teams on 7 international mission trips, and renovated a house! We’ve supported church planters, missionaries, and those in our community who have needed help and aid.

This is not to mention the impact Creekside has had on our individual lives. The spiritual growth that has taken place among those at Creekside will outlast any of the material things we’ve accomplished. I’m so proud to call Creekside home, as many of you are.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve gone through many changes. Some small, and some very significant. Since I took over as the Lead Pastor last March, we’ve seen God transform our church into a multi-ethnic, gospel-centered community of believers that is reaching our community and heralding the message of Jesus Christ.

I am excited to announce another season for Creekside and some exciting news about the future of our church. Since January, the elders and leaders have been praying about where God is taking our church in 2016 and we feel like we have heard from Him the next step in our journey.

The Elders and Pastors have felt God call Creekside to merge with another church in our area called The Church at Cane Island.

The Church at Cane Island is a church plant a little over a year old meeting at Katy Junior High School. I met their Pastor, Jon Davis, last year and we developed a friendship over that time. As many of you know, this last year has been challenging and over the last year I have shared the successes and struggles we’ve had at Creekside with him. This January, we began to see a decrease in giving and attendance as many of you know, and I and the elders began to pray and ask some difficult questions.

The main one was this: What will we do if we can’t sustain the ministry in it’s current form? At the current rate of income, the way we are doing ministry is not sustainable. As we discussed and prayed, there were a lot of possibilities. One that came about was the idea of merging with another church in the area that had a similar vision to ours. I immediately began to think of The Church at Cane Island, and approached Pastor Jon in January after much prayer and asked him to think about this possibility of a merger. As we both prayed and sought outside counsel, we felt that God was leading us to bring this idea to our leadership and elders.

On Sunday Feb 28th, Pastor Jon met with our elders for an extended period of time and we got to hear from him first hand what his vision was for his church. After that meeting and discussion, the elders were unanimous…we should pursue this, God willing. We continued to pray.

We did so, and weeks later the sentiment from both of our church’s leaders was still unified: We can do more for the Kingdom together rather than separate. We are better together. There was a sense of excitement, contentment, humility, and joy over what could be. We began dreaming about the future that could be in store for our churches together. Your Elders and Pastors are united in sensing God’s call for us to join with The Church at Cane Island and feel very strongly that God has led us to this moment at this time. There are just too many reasons for us to ignore the Lord on this.

So, on April 17th, 2016, barring any significant reasons God reveals to us until then, Creekside Community Church will meet for the last time. We will have a final service that day to celebrate all that God has done through our church, and then joyously look forward to what God will continue to do with us at The Church at Cane Island. On April 24th, we will begin meeting with The Church at Cane Island and join with their vision and mission for reaching Katy with the Gospel. I will take on an Associate Pastor role with Pastor Jon to help him lead the church together after they vote on April 10th to accept this from their leadership.

I know this comes as a sudden change for many of you, but please know that your elders and leaders have been praying though this for some time now and haven’t come to this decision lightly. We truly believe God has been planning this move for Creekside for a while now. He has led us to this, and we are simply following Him.

Now, we are asking all who call Creekside home to prayerfully consider joining with us as we move to The Church at Cane Island. God may not call all of you to join with us, but I hope you’ll at least be open to the opportunity of continuing this journey with us in a new season. There are many gifts, talents, and assets in our church who could be a real blessing to this young church plant.

I’m looking forward to what God is going to do through this new season in the life of our church! If you have any questions or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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